The file timestamp is for your reference, and if you ever need to present the photo as legal evidence, is not sufficient. So what you do is this:

A) "Could not have been taken before" date - Get a copy of a daily newspaper with a SCREAMING ALLCAPS headline, like the New York Post, which will be easy to read in the image. Make sure that front page appears legibly in each and every photograph that you want to use for this purpose.
B) "Could not have been taken after" date - Print out the photos and get them notarized, with the stamp over part of each photo. Ask the notary to write the date with their signature. Many banks will do this for free.

You now have a printed photograph that could not have been taken before A or after B.
The Jewish holidays were busy, and mostly good. Overlaid on that, some combination of landlord/property management company/primary tenant is committing fraud (vs. us, and apparently the Boston Housing Authority). More immediately, the {property management company | landlords} are threatening to throw out our belongings which aren't within the four walls of the apartment, such as our large potted plants, and items stored in the basement. We've got a paper trail proving that the objects exist and what kind of things they are. [ profile] zeightyfiv has set up a camera to snap pics every 30sec and some signs saying, effectively, 'don't take our stuff; smile for the camera'.

Isn't renting fun?


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