Plan A was to ask around among friends - nobody's looking for a cat just now. Plan B was to put the word out around our synagogue - resident cat-fancier hasn't been seen lately, and nobody else has shown interest. Plan C was a long-shot with one of my SIL's friends who'd recently had to put down her cat of many years - no-go, because she has too much chaos in her life to add more responsibilities.

Plan of last resort? Solicit help from the Internets at large. Signal boosting to any Bostonians you readers might know is definitely appreciated.
(but especially cats, who do it so well)

Call me by my true names
The ones that have no voice
And singing in our silence

See me in my true forms
The shapeless ones in no-space
In no-time

Know me as my true selves
The ones who're none and all
Yet always different

Call me by my true names
That I may answer
With yours
Woke up to find bloody cat vomit on the floor. Emergency vet visit, here we come.

ETA: X-ray images show no foreign objects in the cat's stomach, and too much (read: any) food in her intestines to rule out colon cancer. In the mean time, we have kitty anti-nausea meds and she's supposed to get no food until tonight, at which point we can give her something bland like meat baby food.

Are we having fun yet?


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