Okay, so. The system that brings me my sleep-hack medication is so convoluted that its inability to reliably deliver treatment for my condition automatically renders any commitment I might make into something tenuous, dependent on numerous circumstances I can't control.

Walking through it... )

The upshot of all this is that every thirty days, my ability to Person is left hanging by a thread, and I'm furious that all the interlocking systems are okay with that.
Due to doctors' offices not being able to get their shit together enough to transfer my records (even after I did the voodoo dance to get them to actually talk to one another!) in a timely manner, the window of opportunity in which I could have a doc-appointment and get all the insurance garbage out of the way in time for a refill of my sleep-hack medication to ship to me before I ran out has closed. Launch postponed. Houston, we're screwed.

I'm stretching the amount I've got left by rationing it at one dose per night rather than the usual two. Which is why I've been up for nearly two hours and have only 5h of sleep behind me. Unmedicated, my sleep is located at random times throughout the day, in intervals of 2-4h, and has around 50% of full efficiency. (So to feel similarly alert during the times when I am awake, I now expect to need somewhere between 10 and 12h. My normal requirement is 7.5h.)
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( Mar. 13th, 2011 03:17 am)
Dear Congress,

I pay my taxes without significant complaint. But I want my hour back, damnit.

No love,
- Me
PatientOnline is a service of MIT medical that, among other things, allows the user to request doctor's appointments without going through the hassle of a phone call. So far, it has one glaringly obvious problem. Whoever processes appointment requests can't seem to schedule me for an appointment with my own PCP, and provides no feedback when they assign me to an appointment with someone else.

Today, I sent a politely-worded snark about it to their feedback e-mail address. We'll see if I get a response.


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