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( Apr. 14th, 2011 01:00 pm)
I am currently in the same room with a scanning-tunnelling electron microscope. Its carrying case is the size of a large briefcase. So far, we're not being allowed to play with it.
Dear Labmates,

This is Microbiology. I know you know how to use a microscope, or you'd never have passed General Bio. What's more, we did a refresher on it in the first lab session. If you're too macho to follow the correct technique (as one of you seems to be), then I don't want to work with you. Your insistence on incorrect technique has a time overhead that I don't want to pay.

Further, fixing and staining bacteria is not hard. No, I didn't do it right the first time, either. But after the first time you ignored the instructions and marked the top of the microscope slide with the grease pencil, did you maybe notice that you couldn't rinse off the excess stain without directly spraying the smear area, and thus rinsing off your bacteria? No? I mentioned it to you directly the second time. And the third time.. you did it again. Why?

I have no problem being the first person in the group to produce data. Being the only person to do so, because you can't follow the instructions in the manual, is not okay.

No love,
- Me
* There is no ground floor. The main entrance (next to the Orange Line T stop) is on the 2nd floor.

* The 1st and 4th floors are discontinuous. Sometimes the 1st floor is underground. ETA2: The 3rd floor may also be discontinuous. The 2nd floor is the only one that I can personally guarantee goes all the way across.

* The fire escape stairwells are not for general use. You can get into them from anywhere, but you might not be able to get out until the bottom of the stairwell.

* The only quiet place on campus is the library.

* Copy & print services appear to be centralized into a single copy shop. Most departments and offices seem to not have their own printers.

* The CC president is said to be trying to make the campus "green", but visible efforts to that effect haven't gotten underway yet.

* The wifi is discontinuous. Every time you move to a new network, you must log in again.

* The login page has a borked security certificate. I haven't bothered to investigate what's wrong with it.

* Everyone uses the guest login, because the one for "registered users" doesn't actually work.

* The reef tank on the 3rd floor is in a wifi dead zone, so looking up the creatures in front of you can be problematic.

* During add/drop week (the first week of classes), you cannot add web courses without the signature of the dean of the online college. This policy is not written down anywhere.

* The Disability Resource Center is full of helpful people but short on space. If you need to test in an isolation room, they give you someone's office. It's not really possible to make that feel non-akward.

* You cannot reset your Blackboard password from its formula-assigned initial setting. Your student ID number is part of it. Next semester, roundabout the time when loose schedule printouts can be found on the floor and in the trash, someone ought to demonstrate that this is a security flaw.

ETA: One of the professors tells me that about half the student body is comprised of international students. They go to Bunker Hill to learn English, then transfer to a university. This explains why the Hispanic Culture Month celebration rocked the student lounge this afternoon - they've got the manpower for it.


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