403: (Tetris)
( Feb. 16th, 2016 03:09 am)
This move has been a right clusterfuck, and not in the fun way. But we're out as of 2/14 (during which, it was so cold that Boston harbor was steaming), and had all the resulting boxes & furniture shoved into Tetrisland (AKA storage unit) early the next morning. I administrated my ass off, in exchange for Z taking on the vast majority of lugging boxes downstairs. [personal profile] plures' help has been invaluable throughout.

Then we fell over and slept for 16-20h, each. Badly needed.

Presently T-40h to departure for Seattle. Still need to refactor luggage, sort a last handful of items into 'important enough to ship or drag with us' vs. 'drop off at storage unit', and usefully dispose of the last contents of the chest freezer (which are currently sitting outside in a cooler, to take advantage of this past weeks' deep-freeze conditions).


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