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([personal profile] 403 May. 7th, 2016 06:30 pm)
After learning in mid-March that my liver was markedly unhappy after six-ish months of danazol, I decided to give the Mirena IUD a try. It was installed on 3/23, and the bodily attempts to expel the foreign object had eased off after about a week. Quick summary of my experience so far:

* Haven't had a period since
* Not susceptible to drug interaction with modafinil

* Took a month to stop spotting
* Allowing my ovaries to try to operate according to normal cycles has resulted in moderately increased depression, and more fragile emotional state
* Um, ow?
* No really, ow. I hurt extra after physiotherapy exercises that work the lower abdomen. And after (mostly not during) sex.

After a few weeks of that last one, I complained to my OB/GYN, who ordered an ultrasound to see if my IUD had moved out of place. Got the exam 2wks later (yesterday) with same-day results. Annd.. Unimpressed. The first thing my ovaries seem to have done when left to their own devices is develop a cyst. It's not immediately clear whether it's a malfunctioning follicle or something endometriosis-related. (Taking my history into account, the OB/GYN's bet is endometrioma. Wheee.)

This marks four weeks of abdominal pain being part of my daily routine. "Normal" ovarian cysts typically resolve themselves within six weeks, so if I'm still experiencing problems by 5/20 I'll ping the doctor again. If ultrasound scheduling is the same as this past time, I'll get an appointment for two weeks out, and by the time of imaging I'll have hit the 8-week mark. Best practice guidelines recommend more active treatment at that point.

Being poked and prodded for the ultrasound has ratcheted my pain level up to the point where OTC medications are not adequate, and it's lingering.

All I wanted when this saga started was to experience less pain, goddamnit.
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